Labor Day Labor (Of Love)

New Bud Box

I’ve often heard success defined as the intersection of preparation and opportunity. That may well be true, but for a hobby farmer who works a very stressful job in the financial sector where 10-12 hour days are far to common; I’ve come to define success on the farm as the intersection of time and money. Time being the more precious commodity.

This past weekend the two lines (time and money) crossed thanks to an extended Labor Day. I finally was able to add a long overdue addition to the farm – a bud box. Borrowing a plan from the University of Tennessee Extension office that I had stowed away in my cellphone several years ago, I decided now was the time to spend Labor Day laboring on the farm.

I know to most folks don’t look like much, but for about half the cost of a prefabricated system I was able to build a handling facility that will serve our little farm quite well. Now we have a 12ft sweep and loading chute. This will make life so much easier for both the farmer (me) and our growing customer base.

As you can see the working chute is still work in process, but come Columbus Day (time) if the money intersects, will finish with alley and new squeeze chute.


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