The Seasons Are a Changing

29And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; 30When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. 31So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” Luke 21:29-31 (KJV)

Magnolia Bloom

In these tired foothills of Appalachia, we are beginning to witness subtle signs that the seasons are “a changing” – that winter is waning and Spring is approaching.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Hellebore was in full bloom, and tonight I noticed the swollen buds on the magnolia.

Hellebore in full bloom

As I was examining the buds on the magnolia my mind was drawn to the words of Jesus about the fig tree and I started thinking about the biblical parables of my youth. Our Savior reminded us the shooting forth of the fig tree was a sign that the seasons were “a changing”.

As I look out across our world tonight, there is no doubt in my mind that the season is about to change on God’s calendar, the time of the Gentiles is coming to an end, and a new day is dawning. The times are ‘a changing’

View of Eastern Sky from our Farm

I was reminded of the words of one of my favorite church songs as a teenager:

Years of time have come and gone
Since I first heard it told
How Jesus would come again some day
If back then it seemed so real
Then I just can’t help but feel
How much closer His coming is today

… Signs of the times are everywhere
There’s a brand new feeling in the air
Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky
Lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh

… Wars and strife on every hand
And violence fills the land
Still some people doubt He’ll ever come again
Oh, but the Word of God is true
He’ll redeem His chosen few
So don’t lose hope for soon Christ Jesus will descend

… Signs of the times are everywhere
There’s a brand new feeling in the air
Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky
Lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh

… Oh, keep your eyes upon the eastern sky
Lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh

I do believe if you are watching the signs, you know the seasons are ‘a changing’ and our redemption draweth nigh!

Always a Pleasant Surprise

Dexters are exceptional cattle, and over past five years and 26 newborn calves, have only had two pull 2.

Most of the time, even though expecting, they still surprise us. WE❤️Dexters

ANB Beautiful Busy Bee

Beautiful Busy Bee will always have a very special place in our hearts. She was just a scrawny little red heifer when we purchased her in 2017 along with two other cows. Being new to cattle and Dexters, we had no idea what we were doing, nor any expectations that this ganging bovine would become the poster ‘cow’ for our small farm.

Over past four years we’ve seen bulls, cows, and several dozen calves come and go, but Busy Bee is going nowhere. She will have a home at Wits End all her life.

There is just something about her that is very special. She has become the matriarch for our young herd, and possesses an intelligence that just amazes me. Not only that but she is the most tender and caring mother to each of her three calves.

This past week, she blessed us with another beautiful little girl. I think George approves.

Fall at the Farm

After a long hot Summer, and with the turning of the calendar yesterday – Fall has arrived at the Farm.

Crystal has completed her Fall decorating and soon home will be – filled with the scents of the season and sounds of children and grandchildren sitting around the table.

As for me, I am reminded that the days are getting shorter and all that still remains to get done before the calendar turns to Winter.

Priefert Squeeze Chute

Our new squeeze chute arrived on Friday. Tough decision choosing between the Tarter Series 3 or Priefert Rancher 091.

But in the end, even though the Priefert cost $1000 more, the ability to operate the headgate manually or automatic tipped the scale. Believe we made right decision for the long haul.


Welcome Wieringa’s Dotty & Dora

Wits End Dexter Cattle Farm welcomed our first new purchased cows in over three years;

Dotty and Diva, bred by Lee & Roberta Wieringa, joined our farm last night.

Wieringa Dotty & Diva with 2021 Calves

Not only were we able to purchase the cows, but also received their two young heifers born this Spring.

Our herd now consists of six cows: ANB Beautiful Busy Bee, Whittington’s Pixie (our shortie), Far Acres Mystery, Warner Farms Fiona, and Wieringa Dotty & Diva.

Dotty and Diva arrived open and to our delight though hardly surprised , George, has taken notice. We do believe that love is in the Fall air.

Whittington’s King George


Wits End Dexter Calves

Wits End Beautiful Blessing and Wits End Mystery’s Mary

One of the most ‘mixed emotion moments’ is when one of your calves leave the farm for a new home.

This past weekend we said goodbye to Mystery’s Mary and Beautiful Blessing.

Know beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, but as proud ‘father’ I think these two young heifers are beautiful.

It was nice to see a photo of them at home in their new Kentucky home, and look forward to them carrying on the Wits End lineage.


Labor Day Labor (Of Love)

New Bud Box

I’ve often heard success defined as the intersection of preparation and opportunity. That may well be true, but for a hobby farmer who works a very stressful job in the financial sector where 10-12 hour days are far to common; I’ve come to define success on the farm as the intersection of time and money. Time being the more precious commodity.

This past weekend the two lines (time and money) crossed thanks to an extended Labor Day. I finally was able to add a long overdue addition to the farm – a bud box. Borrowing a plan from the University of Tennessee Extension office that I had stowed away in my cellphone several years ago, I decided now was the time to spend Labor Day laboring on the farm.

I know to most folks don’t look like much, but for about half the cost of a prefabricated system I was able to build a handling facility that will serve our little farm quite well. Now we have a 12ft sweep and loading chute. This will make life so much easier for both the farmer (me) and our growing customer base.

As you can see the working chute is still work in process, but come Columbus Day (time) if the money intersects, will finish with alley and new squeeze chute.