Our Philosophy

We view ourselves not so much as farmers, ranchers, or even producers; but as herdsmen and stewards of our Heritage Irish breed.

There are three principles that guide our day to day life on the farm.


We define sustainability as the act of balancing today’s needs and requirements without sacrificing or depleting the resources needed for the future. Our stewardship extends beyond preserving this historical breed but to the soil and land as well.


Dexters are renown for their ease of calving, hardiness, docility, and ability to gain and maintain weight on a diet of grass and hay. At the same time produce milk that is high in butterfat and beef that is tender and well marbled. We are committed to raising our cattle with the least human intervention by practicing pasture management without the use of herbicides or pesticides, selective culling, and only supplementing in their diet what nature cannot provide such as trace minerals.

Humane Animal Practice

While we are committed to producing beef, we are also committed to the humane treatment of our herd. Our foundation cows are part of our extended family and each new calf joins that family. When a cow leaves our farm for whatever reason, it is always a time of sadness.

We will continue to reevaluate our core principles and values but will never stray from these three.

-The Journey Continues

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