Reflections from a French Dexter Breeder

“We have Dexters here in France, there is no dexter society etc etc. I have no idea what the genetics of my cattle are but the milk from my cows is excellent, with a very high butterfat content, they are easy to handle, will graze rough grass that a holster would turn there nose up at and the meat is just incredible. Our bull throws really nice beef calves (still waiting to see how they grow on but so far they are looking great).”

She pretty much sums up what many of us have forgotten. Dexters are an amazing breed of cattle that survive and thrive in the harshest environments with minimal care.

Sunday Evening Reflections

Work is not an option at this point in my life. Like most small farmers today, I have a Monday to Friday day job, filled with stress and deadlines, and cannot wait for the weekend to roll around.

The weekends on a farm, even a small farm, are a time for catching up and there is always something that needs to be done or repaired. The weekend vanishes way to quick.

But when Sunday evening rolls around, and Monday morning is beginning to sink in, there is something satisfying looking out across the field and seeing the cows content and enjoying the tender green grass while their young calves nurse.

Amazing Coneflower


The Coneflower is a wonderful addition to any perennial bed.  They are rugged (much like our Dexters) and thrive in almost any soil condition.  They also are a floral magnet attracting butterflies and song birds to their raised daisy like centers.

I first became interested in cone flowers many years ago but not because of their beauty.

Also known as Enchinacea, which is quite interesting in that the name is derived from the Greek word, έχοντος which means hedgehog.  A good description of the quill like centers.

Echinacea is well known as a holistic herb, and even though big pharma and FDA try to discredit its properties, I have found its leaves helpful in fighting mild headaches and strengthening immmune system.


Contentment is elusive but not unattainable. Learning it can be derived from something as simple as sitting on a porch swing on a Summer night and watching the young calves in the pasture, and listening to the tree frogs.