Finding Your Way

Living in the Southern Ohio foothills of the Appalachians, winters are generally mild; but the week ahead is calling for article blast. This means I have spent most of the weekend preparing – placing out extra hay and staging hay to be dropped into paddocks during the week.

Since acquiring our first Dexters in March 2017, we have learned to improvise. Working a full-time job during the week offers little time for the needed improvements. I keep a list of future projects, and tackle as much as I can on weekends and time off; but as soon as one task is crossed off – another takes it place.

Such is the case with our winter watering system – it is not ideal but we have found a way to make due.

For now our winter watering solution consists of garden hoses, oversize water trough and heater, and extension cord. Once winter sets in, I know that I must meticulously make sure that all the hoses are blown out dry after filling trough and know from past experience that there is chance outside faucet will freeze up. So always make sure troughs are topped off after work. ‘Someday’ I’ll have a more permanent solution but until then our ❤️ for Dexters far outweighs this small winter inconvenience.

My advice to new breeders is to not get discouraged (or let well meaning established breeders discourage you). Your way might not be the ‘right way’, but with limited resources and time, it may be the only way.

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