Right Before Your Eyes

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, just takes time to see it. Such is the case with Whittington George.

George came to us via a bred cow, AA’s Apple, we purchased from Paul Whittington back in 2018. He was birthed on August 30 of that year and plan was for him to go to Dan Edgington, another Ohio breeder, to be steered.

Plans don’t always go as planned. Dan arrived to pick up three of our young bull calves, including George; but George had different plans. He absolutely refused to be loaded. I guess at that point, I should’ve seen what now I see. There was something special about him.

Over the next year, I started noticing how ‘bully’ George was becoming. I also noticed how he quickly was becoming the leader of our herd of cattle, and also noticed that all of our new calves uncannily, did not resemble our herd sire, but George!

Then the wheels started to turn, maybe George was the herd sire for which we were looking? He certainly was ‘bully’, had a great temperament, and obviously throwing great calves.

I then started looking into his pedigree, and much to my surprise there were bulls that I recognized in his pedigree: SGF Sean & Titan, Lone Pines Klondike, White-O-Morn Chief, and Lianfair’s Cinnebar. Now I was starting to see it.

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