I suppose that the virgin birth of my Lord and Savior will never be surpassed, and the mystery of the incarnation I’ll never quite understand.

But every time I witness the birth of a new calf, I find myself stricken in awe at the miracle unfolding before my eyes and am reminded of that first Christmas Eve when creation paused as the eternal word became flesh.

The cow journeys to a protected spot much like the archangel led Joseph and Mary to a tiny hamlet by the name of Bethlehem to protect our Savior from his human predators.

There is a lowly stall, and I cannot help to picture a pastoral scene of a stable filled with goats, sheep, and perhaps even cattle watching in awe and wonderment as their Creator becomes flesh and blood.

Soon from Mary’s precious womb the Eternal Son of God appears so frail.

Then I watch as those stable mates – one by one – approach to cast their eyes upon the new born calf and cannot help to be reminded of the Magi guided by a celestial star journeyed to cast their eyes upon the Lamb of God.

Please do not consider this sacrilege but an allegory of the mystery of life.

-The Journey Continues

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