Barn Commencement

As our barn nears completion it is starting to dawn on me today, that it’s not completion but commencement.

My purpose in building a barn were solely utilitarian but discovering quickly that a barn does more than just store stuff around the farm.

It is the heart of the farm. I find myself being drawn to the barn and it’s quickly becoming my rural version of the ‘man cave’.

Not only that but learning that the barn has magical magnetic powers that attract other men folks (and an occasional woman wondering where her husband has wandered off too).

My son, whom I rarely see, visited this past weekend and I noticed that the barn with its strong gravitational pull, pulled both of us into it’s inner sanctuary. Where we were able for a time to escape and catch up.

My father-in-law, a 95 year old veteran of WW II, has fallen under its magical spells. He happened to be in the barn the morning my son, a recently retired US Army Captain, showed up. I watched as soldiers from vastly different generations bonded in the barn.

Our barn is not being completed, it is commencing. Ready for commissioning as the gathering place to bring the people who are dearest to me together.

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