Not sure as late baby boomer born in 1959, I should expect too much any more from life. I’ve come to accept that my post WW II parents may outlive me, and admit a little jealous of those Woodstock baby boomers who are now retired while I still work to support the Social Security house of cards. Hoping if I make it to 70, the system is still solvent; but if it’s not, I’ll keep on working.

More and more thinking of the words of Ron Van Zant,

“Be a simple kind of man,

Be something you love and understand”

Not sure yet I understand cattle, but do know that I find something satisfying – familiar – simple at the end of a stressful work day waiting for me. They trust that I’ll show up, and never demand anything from me other than providing their basic needs. They give so much more than I could ever possibly give to them.

Few years ago wrote simple little verse:

The older I get

More is less

And with less

I’m blessed

Blessed 08/10/18

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