My Beach

There was a time, when the beach was a mandatory annual summer ritual.

Florida, Carolinas, California, Cancun, and The Virgin Islands were among the destinations of these yearly pilgrimages.

Maybe I’m becoming my mother who hardly leaves her house these days except to work in her gardens, or maybe I’m just getting old and tired, or maybe I work too many hours away from the house – I really don’t know why -but anymore my favorite destination is a place called home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, water, salt, the breezes, and the powdery white sands. But over the years I discovered my favorite beaches were not the touristy ones but the ones like Trunk Bay – the ones that offered all of the above but with one more special ingredient added – Solitude.

I find after a long day, a long week, that I begin longing. Longing for a place that brings peace into my heart – a place that offers solitude – a place where the only tourists are an occasional young deer – a place where I can just soak in the sun and water and watch the cows placidly graze on a shoreline of green grass – a place called home.

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