How Not to Buy a Bull

There is a cow which is owned by a Dexter breeder near me by the name of Mammoth Cave Sassafras or ‘Sass’ for short. I’ve never saw this cow in person, but in her photos she is the cow of my dreams. Good proportions, deep red coat, beautiful pleasant face, and what an udder!!! The perfect combination beef and dairy cow! Love at first sight and I began secretly coveting this cow!

Last year she gave birth to a heifer, Strawberry, and as soon as I saw this pretty little girl for sale – I knew I had to buy her for our herd! I ended up purchasing her still coveting after her beautiful mother. But So far Strawberry has all the physical characteristics and temperament of her dam!

Then the owner posted a picture of Sass’ bull calf born this February and the wheels started turning in my head! If I can’t buy the mother, and I own the daughter; what would happen if I bought the full blood brother? Would he look as good as his sister? Would he throw off cows with the udders of his mother? I’ve seen pictures of his ‘steered’ brothers at 17-18 months – nice and beefy- and gave me an idea of how he ‘might’ look at the same age.

So breaking all the rules of purchasing a new herd sire, I went with my gut and purchased Danny Boy.

He is now a little over four months, and time will tell whether I made the right decision. But so far, I like what I’m seeing and sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.

By the way, the sire for both Danny Boy and Strawberry descends from Spruce Grove Farms which gives me a little bit more confidence I’m headed the right direction.

-How not to buy a bull.

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